Posted by: samandal | October 20, 2011

Spiritual Self-Defense, VII

Birth of the Báb

Cease now to visualize the sword, but continue to visualize the circle until it expands to form a sphere of light all around you. Clasp your hands in prayer; raise them above your head toward the east, and say, “May the mighty archangel Rafá’íl preserve me.” Turn toward the south and say, “May the mighty archangel Jabrá’íl strengthen me.” Turn toward the west and say, “May the mighty archangel Míka’íl protect me.” Turn toward the north and say, “May the mighty archangel Úriyá’íl maintain me.” Turn to face the east again and say, “For before me flames the pentagram and within me shines the sacred star.” Visualize the star of the latá’if.

It is not necessary to shift the furniture or the bed in order to draw the circle; it will be formulated wherever it is visualized to be. It is necessary to reaffirm this circle each time the tides change; that is to say, a circle made after sundown will hold good until sunrise, and a circle made after sunrise will maintain its potency until sunset.

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