Posted by: samandal | October 16, 2011

Spiritual Self-Defense, VI

Díyáfat-i-‘Ilm, the Feast of Knowledge

Stand erect and face the east.

Construct an astral cross within your imaginal body; this will steady your vibrations and purify your aura. Use your right hand as you touch your forehead, your chest, your right shoulder and then your left shoulder, and invoke the Holy Maiden with these words: “In the Name of (with the first two fingers of your right hand) the Wisdom (touch your forehead), and of the Love (touch your heart), and of the Justice (touch your right shoulder), and of the Mercy (touch your left shoulder) of the Holy Maiden (touch your heart again), Amín (touch your upper lip just under your nose).”

Next imagine that you hold in your right hand a large, cross-handled sword; hold it point upright and say, “In the Name of the Most Luminous, I take in hand the sword of power for defense against evil and aggression.” Imagine yourself drawn up to twice your natural height, armed and mailed with the strength of the power of the Most Luminous with which you have been charged by your formulation of the sword of power.

Now proceed to draw a circle upon the floor with the point of the sword of power; see in your imagination a line of pale golden flame that follows the point of the sword from the east, to the south, to the west, and to the north. This affirms the rule of divine law in nature, the Way of the Sun.