Posted by: samandal | August 17, 2011

Spiritual Self-Defense, I

Martyrdom of Táhirih

Traumatic energies are often produced whenever a person experiences intense stress or tension. These traumatic energies are not negative entities as such, but rather are elementals born in the mind of man, embodiments of particular qualities and energies within life itself. Therefore, we must first use meditative methods in order to purify and harmonize our own consciousness, and only then use various forms and symbols to concentrate our attention.

In this context, it is important to note that any act performed with intention becomes a rite; if we bathe with the intention to attain spiritual cleanliness, the efficacy of the action will extend beyond the physical plane. The use of forms and symbols is merely a device to enable the mind to apprehend the abstract, intangible elements of human existence.

The pentalapha or pentagrammon is the best form of defense to deal with elementals or non-human entities.