Posted by: samandal | August 20, 2011

Spiritual Self-Defense, II

Díyáfat-i-Asmá’, the Feast of Names

This is a pentagram or five-pointed star drawn in a particular way: extend the first and second fingers of your right hand, bend the third and fourth fingers toward your palm, and lay your thumb upon their nails. Now proceed to draw the pentalapha in the air; keep your elbow stiff and swing your arm at full length across your body, your hand at the level of your left hip (earth), your extended fingers downward and outward. Swing your arm upward until your fingers point straight above your head at arm’s length (ether). Sweep your arm down again, until your hand occupies the position on your right side (fire) to that from which it started on your left. Next swing your hand across your body on an upward incline, until it is stretched on a level with your left shoulder (air). Bring it across your body horizontally until it is in the same position on your right (water), with your fingers pointed away from your body. Finally, swing it downward across your body until your hand has come back to the point by your left hip whence it started.

The potency of this sign should be augmented with the invocation of the Name; this will be found effectual for most conditions. Simply place your hand (fingers together and parallel, thumb stretched at a right angle to your forefinger) in the center of the star and speak the Holy Name; this affirms the presence of the Indivisible One and its abode in the human heart. It is ultimately your own interior state of consciousness that the pentalapha purifies; since the senses themselves are expressions of the elements in the human state, a sincere invocation brings your entire elemental state into alignment with the world of creation.