Posted by: samandal | June 21, 2011

An Interpretation of the Natal Chart of Bahá’u’lláh, X

Martyrdom of Mírzá Mihdí

The Volasfera symbol for the twenty-ninth degree of Leo (the Mid-Heaven) reads:

Two golden circles joined by a blue ribbon tied in a double bow. It denotes one of a kind, benevolent nature, who will be fortunate in marriage, and may marry twice. The native is a lover of peace and concord; an idealist; embodying two lives in one; a researcher in celestial things. He will make many and sincere friends. His life will be useful, lovable and sincere. He will attain his ambitions, and will end his days in peace. It is a degree of union.

The Volasfera symbol for the twentieth degree of Scorpio (the Sun) reads:

A Sun that is rising upon the ocean waters. This symbol is indicative of a mind that is given to restlessness and travel for the sake of discovery. The rising of the Sun is a symbol of elevation and coming honors, while the ceaseless motion of the waters denotes many changes and long voyages, especially in the direction of the Orient. There both fortune and distinction will await him, and in some field of exploration and discovery he will become celebrated. It is a degree of illumination.

The Volasfera symbol for the third degree of Capricorn (the Moon) reads:

A serpent coiled around an uplifted beacon. It is the index of a mind that is unusually wise, subtle and profound. Endowed with much prudence, diligence, foresight and circumspection, the native may apply himself profitably and creditably to almost any work in life and with every prospect of success. But that for which he is by nature especially fitted is without doubt diplomatic service, the law, or the administration of government. In some special form of literature or science he will show extraordinary ability, maybe in medicine, in chemistry, or other of the chymic arts. He will shine and his light will be seen from afar, while those who are near will manifest much reliance on his knowledge, and will follow the light of his leading. It is a degree of illumination.

The heavens bear witness to Bahá’u’lláh.