Posted by: samandal | May 23, 2011

An Interpretation of the Natal Chart of Bahá’u’lláh, VII

Declaration of the Báb

House VIII, Mors (Death): legacies, other people’s money, and death

The Almuten of the Ascendant is in House VIII

When Mars falls in this house, it indicates the violent death of the native, or, if it is in aspect with the Sun or the Moon, the death of the father or mother. If the aspect is a good one, the individual will benefit by it. An aspect with Venus may also mean the sudden death of the marriage partner, who is of a domineering and violent disposition.

The ruler of the first house in the eighth house, weak or afflicted, the native is always pensive, melancholy, and likely to attempt suicide, or is often in much tribulation or sorrow. It generally causes the native to be of short life, unless the giver of life is very strong.

The person may become interested in occult studies or public finance and if the ruler of the first is a fortunate planet he will be successful in such pursuits or gain through legacy, but if malefic, he should avoid despondency and cultivate an optimistic view of life; otherwise there may be tendencies to give up the struggle of existence.